Featured Designer - Anna Zeitlin of Fanny & June

Designer Anna Zeitlin

Designer Anna Zeitlin

What made you want to start Fanny & June?

Once I realized there were people who made hats, I knew that was for me. There was never the question of not starting my own label, I just did it.

What are your current design influences? 

My favorite milliner is Stephen Jones. He does brilliant, almost sculptural hats, a lot of the ones you see on the runway. My favorite designers right now are Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and Giambattista Valli and I love looking back at classic Dior and Schiaparelli. Also taking a lot of inspiration right now from Renoir and mid-century advertisements.

Name four key words that describe your aesthetic.

feminine, romantic, daring, elegant

Is there one design that you're particularly proud of? That said THIS is what F&J is all about?

It’s a constant evolution. Right now I’m obsessed with making intricate silk flowers.

What is it like to be a Creative in Nashville?

It’s a mixed bag. In the US, New York is the city of fashion design. That’s where the resources are, that’s where the community is. But with the internet you can connect with your community anywhere in the world, order supplies from anywhere in the world, you don’t necessarily need to have a studio in The Garment District. Nashville is thriving right now, and it’s a very exciting time to be here. I proudly proclaim “made in Nashville.”

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