Featured Designer - Eric Adler

What made you want to start Eric Adler?

Someone once told me in Spain that they would rather travel north to vacation so they could wear warmer clothes and be fashionable. This concept completely astonished me and made me ponder on the highly casual nature of American dress. This also created a desire to bring this well dressed mentality to the U.S. and start my own clothing line, dressing up American gents.

Designer Eric Adler

What are your current design influences?

Three Toms : Tom Ford for his intrinsically sexy aesthetic, the late Tommy Nutter for being a rebel in the menswear realm, and Thom Browne for almost everything he does.

Name four key words that describe your aesthetic.


Is there one design that you're particularly proud of?

That said THIS is what Eric Adler is all about? Maybe one trench coat I made last year for Nashville Fashion Week 2014. It has special powers. 

What is it like to be a Creative in Nashville?

The best! I wouldn't rather be any other place in the world, but shhh don't tell anyone. Keep our secret safe :)

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