Featured Designer - Shannon Lea of People Like Art

What made you want to start People Like Art?

Designer Shannon Lea

After working as a designer for several years, I found it was important to me to create my own prints for the garments I made instead of buying fabric with someone else’s print design on it. So I set out to design a line of clothing that focused on the surface design while keeping the silhouettes simple. Creating my own prints makes the garments more personal and allows me to experiment with paints and dyes until I get exactly what I want or discover something I didn’t know I wanted.  I get to think of the tops and dresses I make as my canvases

What are your current design influences?

I’m always influenced by art in some way.  Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still is my current obsession.  The colors, organic shapes, and thick impasto textures he uses are really exciting to me.  His work has a controlled messiness that I look for in art.

Name four key words that describe your aesthetic.

Modern, Fresh, Casual, Colorful

Is there one design that you're particularly proud of? That said THIS is what People Like Art is all about?

My new “Ink” print is one of my favorites I’ve ever done.  It is free handed and expressive.  Every garment I make, like a painting or a person, is unique.  That is what PLA is all about.

What is it like to be a Creative in Nashville?

There is always another creative person close by here, and the community of Nashville is so supportive of the arts.  There is a sense here that people want to see and experience your work, and people want to see you succeed at your creative endeavors. 

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