Featured Designer - Kimberly Parker of Sisters of Nature

Designer Kimberly Parker

Designer Kimberly Parker

What made you want to start Sisters of Nature?

I decided to start Sisters of Nature after my mom passed away. She had been telling me since I was young that I needed to start a business and use my talents for good. I used to ride my bike to boutiques at a young age to pitch my line of designs to the owners. I had a drive and determination to share my work with the world. Somewhere along the way, as an adult, I got lost and got into other jobs. Diving into the creative world was always pulling at me though. It was always calling and letting me know that was my true passion. Losing my mom made me realize life is too short to do a job that sucks the life out of you. I was passionate about design and working with other creatives. It made me come alive, so that's how I knew that's what I needed to do. 

What are your current design influences? 

I am always influenced when I'm traveling. Something about getting away for a bit opens up the creative flow for me. It makes me stop and actually look at things and soak in the beauty around me rather than getting caught up in schedules and to do lists. 

"Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you."-Grace Coddington

Name four key words that describe your aesthetic.





Is there one design that you're particularly proud of? That said THIS is what Sisters of Nature is all about?

There's actually a design I'm working on right now. It has little brass triangles that I am hand stitching on the bodice overlaid on top of a sheer fabric. I really love it. I think Sisters of Nature is all about unique details, interesting fabrics, and feminine designs. 

What is it like to be a Creative in Nashville?

I cannot even say how much I love it. I have only been in the creative world in Nashville for a little over a year, but it has been so incredible. In addition to my recent project of designing for Sisters of Nature's private label, most of my job actually entails curating.  I get to work with many different local designers and create collections for my store. It is so encouraging to see how much people support each other, encourage each other, and feed off of one another's creative energy. It's like everyone is in it together for the greater good of our city. I feel so blessed to work with all the designers that make Sisters of Nature great and to design my own private label for the store now too. I just feel constantly inspired by everyone. 

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