Q&A with Artistic Director Sadie Monroe

What made you want to work in the art/design world?
Although a sports enthusiast, I discovered my interest in fashion and business in high school by working for several retail companies. An eager, kinesthetic learner, I worked my way into design to get to the root of the industry and understand the details and process involved in every step. I started by managing a boutique, becoming the assistant buyer, proceeded to work in wholesale apparel and then as a stylist while attending college for Fashion Design and Fashion Business at Columbia College Chicago. As I began taking art and design classes, I quickly fell in love with the visual and tactile experiences offered to me through the mediums and have been wrapped up in it ever since.    
What are your current design influences?
I'm always noticing movement, texture, positive and negative space, repetition, and interesting silhouettes which can be found in anything. Constantly impressed by designers who can turn the abstract into wearable/functional pieces, I look to designers like Issey Miyake, Iris Van Herpen, and Hussein Chalayan. I also love collaborative work so designer and athletic company mashups always peak my interest for their use of innovative fabrics, functional details, and textile manipulation. Most recently, I stumbled upon a brilliantly fun collection using nontraditional materials by Valeska Jasso Callado.
Name four key words that describe your personal design aesthetic
Abstract, Sculptural, and Playful yet Refined
What is it like to be a creative in Nashville?
It's interesting because things are growing and advancing in the arts here, but nothing is set in stone yet. There isn't a huge fashion design industry in place. You have to be your own resource and figure out things for yourself to create a unique path that fits you.  You become a walking toolbox working with a few other pioneers in the area to pave the way for an industry to prevail.


Monroe's Dystopia collection