Featured Photographer - Jo McCaughey

Jo McCaughey

Jo McCaughey

What magazines and websites do you look at for inspiration?

For inspiration I look all around me. I get inspired from all different sources, books, movies, music, people and the internet of course, but there are no specific websites I look at. 

How have you handled the collaboration process when working with a fashion designer?

Collaborating with Poni and her super Black By Maria Silver creations has been fun and rewarding. It's great when you find people you can work together with easily and create. 

How did you become a photographer?

When I was younger I was always compelled to document my life and the lives of those around me. I brought my cameras everywhere with me. I would ask people who I found interesting or inspiring if I could make their portrait. Somewhere along the line what was something I was naturally going about doing turned into a career. It was a happy accident i suppose. That and a lot of hard work and some good luck along the way. 

What advice would you give young people who want to be a photographer?

Keep shooting. Work hard to challenge yourself and your work. Take yourself and your work seriously. Seek out people who interest you and collaborate. 

What was the most fun you’ve had on a shoot?

When a shoot is going well and you start to hit that magic flow, thats a great feeling. 

What are the limitations/advantages of being a photographer in Nashville?

There are many amazing photographers in this town. It is a strong, thriving and very supportive community. 

Which part of the photography process do you enjoy the most?

Each project is different, depending on the subject matter, purpose of the shoot and style in which you are working, but it is always rewarding to stand back and view the finished product.

What is your favorite subject?


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